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Provincial Locum Program

The Provincial Locum Program supports practicing physicians in rural communities and helps bring medical care to patients of eligible physicians, when the physician is away from their respective practice, due to illness, vacation and/or continuing medical education.

The locum program is administered by Medavie Blue Cross on behalf of the Nova Scotia government. The Department of Health and Wellness provides policy direction and funding for programs, such as the locum program.

Locum physicians in family medicine and designated specialties receive payments as listed below. Physicians interested in participating in the locum program must submit application forms to and establish billing arrangements through Medavie Blue Cross. Locum registration including guidelines, application forms and claim forms may be found at Medavie Blue Cross.

Payment Required Information
Mileage Distance travelled (in km) to and from locum practice at applicable government rate
Per diem (living expenses) Dates worked
Daily rate Dates worked
Overhead Dates worked, and the host practice where coverage was provided