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As a physician in Nova Scotia, you’ll enjoy nationally comparative compensation and innovative payment plans.

Master Agreement

Compensation for physicians in Nova Scotia is negotiated through a contract called the Master Agreement with Doctors Nova Scotia. The current Master Agreement is in effect from April 2015 to March 2019. This contract will remain in effect until a new Master Agreement is signed.

For more information, contact:

Patrick Riley
Manager, Physician Master Agreement
Phone: 902-424-2155

Compensation takes one of two forms:


Under fee-for-service, you bill Medical Services Insurance (MSI )for eligible services you provide to patients. MSI is administered by Medavie Blue Cross.

Alternative Funding

Alternative funding generally refers to all physician-funding structures that are not fee-for-service. There are many different types of alternative funding programs; however, the two major types used in Nova Scotia are

  • Academic Funding Plans: These are used in the teaching hospitals, such as the QEII Health Sciences Centre and the IWK Health Centre. These plans recognize and compensate physicians for their direct clinical services in addition to their academic, research, and administrative deliverables.

  • Alternative Payment Plans: These are used to support physicians outside of the Halifax area. These individual physician service contracts also recognize and remunerate physicians for their direct clinical services and associated administrative duties.

For more information regarding alternative funding, please contact:

Director, Alternative Funding
Department of Health and Wellness
Phone: 902-424-4683